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Kitten 1:


  • Sex: Female

  • Color: Seal Bicolor

  • Type: Show B

  • Parents: Redecho Nanami x Hogragdoll's Rui of Redecho

  • Mask: The inverted V mask on the face is slightly asymmetrical (a little more under the right eye than the left)

  • Legs: black spots on the left hind leg (pictured)

  • Feet/Pawpad: black spots on the rear pad of the left front paw (as shown in the picture)

  • Tail: no spots

  • Back: no spots

  • Bones (Physique): Medium to large

  • Meatiness (fat and thin): Normal

  • Mouth: full

  • Chin: correct

  • nose: correct

  • Ears: small

  • Eyes: eye pigment 4 degrees

  • Hair: Silky hair

  • Personality: She is a very clingy little girl, she always likes to be around people, clinging to my legs, I usually suck her while she is sleeping, and she will scream at me

  • Overall Rating: Show B

  • Price: 4400

  • Ready to go home after 1st of April 2023 

If you are interested in her, please go ahead send us an application to request. You can find our applicaion at : 

It will be the 1st application on the website above



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Currently we don't have any available kittens.


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