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Color: Blue Bicolor
Gender: Boy

Mother: Yui

Father: Aya

Date of Birth: 07-30-2023

Current age: 8month old

Mask: Face has a slightly asymmetrical inverted V-shape, higher on the left side under the eye, lower on the right side under the eye.

Limbs: No spots

Paw pads: No spots

Tail: No spots

Back: No spots

Skeleton (build): Medium to large

Body condition (plumpness): Plump Muzzle:

Full Chin: Correct

Nose: Correct

Ears: Correct

Eyes: Eye color 5 degrees

Coat: Silk-cotton blend, with silk as the main component

Personality: Extremely lively little brother, and a super duper big foodie, loves to eat and play a lot! Although he's also affectionate, when it comes to food, it's not as noticeable, as he's full of energy as soon as food is mentioned. He's the first to come for food and the last to finish his plate! Yui's kittens are all clever kitties, so all of her kittens are cautious around strangers (a common trait of clever cats), but once they get to know you, they'll interact with you more frequently.

Overall evaluation: Show B


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