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DOB: 01-05-2023
mother:Redecho Elsa
Father: Hogragdoll Rui of Redecho

Pattern mask: The inverted V Pattern mask on the face is slightly asymmetrical (right eye’s pattern is little bit over the eyes)
Feet: no spots
Legs: Black spots on both back leg (pictured)
Tail: no spots
Back: no spots
Bones (Physique): Medium to large
Meatiness (fat and thin): Normal
Mouth: full
Chin: correct
nose: correct
Ears: small
Eyes: eye pigment 4 degrees
Hair: Silky hair+cotton hair mix, mainly silky hair
Personality: who simply can't get enough of his human companions. Even if you're out of sight, he'll meow and search high and low until he finds you, rubbing against you until he feels safe and secure. Whether you're heading out for the day or taking him to the vet, he needs plenty of hugs and snuggles, or else he'll protest loudly and persistently. But as soon as he's in your arms, he'll relax completely, purring up a storm and stealing your heart with his mischievous antics. 
But for his personality there's one thing that needs to bring out:  he is very wary of strangers, you have to play with him every day for about 2 weeks from the 1st day you receive him, touching him, hugging him and giving him a lot of love. Generally, it will take 3 days for cats to go to their new home. We assume he will take around two weeks; 

Health condition:  We found a lymph node hyperplasia under his chin, which is caused by the resistance of the immune system because he had a viral cold before. But this will not affect his health, so we decided not to remove that. Due to this condition, we decided make him to adoption level.

overall rating: adoption level

If you are interested in any, please go ahead send us an application to request. You can find our applicaion at :

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