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DOB: 07-23-2023
Mother:Tajeschidolls Sora of Redecho
Father: Milliondolls Aya of Redecho

Cream Point Bicolor, male 
Mask: Symmetrical inverted V-shaped mask 
Limbs: No spots 
Paw pads: No spots 
Tail: No spots 
Back: No spots 
Bone structure (build): Large 
Body condition (weight): chubby 
Muzzle: Medium 
Chin: Correct 
Nose: Correct 
Ears: Correct 
Eyes: Eye color level of 4 
Fur: Silk-cotton mix with silk as the primary component 
Personality: A really lively brother, possibly the firstborn. Enjoys playing, is affectionate, but can be a bit reserved at times. For instance, if he sees you playing with other cats, he might sit nearby until you're available to play with him. He's a playful and courteous brother. And he definitely be the sticker type! But I wanted to mention that if you want him to be more cuddle and sticker you will needs to play and hug and pet and give him a lot of love when he was young. Then you will receive a super needy cat in the future. But if you don't have much time and afraid to hold or pet him, he will become an independent cat

Can go to new home after 11th of Dec 2023

Overall Assessment: Show A 

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