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Doggyman Nyakotama

A ball of yarn with a tail that makes you want to chase after it 

​- total of 4 colors that can be choose

-The length of the tail is about 70 cm.
・ Enter again, which cats love.
-Since tin is contained inside, a'rolling'sound will
 be heard each time it rolls .
 (The ball part is made difficult to unravel.)

・new type of cat jar that connects the grip and the tip motif with a "winding coil" .

 ・A large collection of fun forms that arouse the hunting spirit of cats!
 A variety of play-on-parade "Jareneko" series.

Usage:   Toys (for cats)

Color option:

yellow mix, Blue mix, beige mix, pink mix

The popping movement of the winding coil makes the cat crazy.
Lineup from the "Jareneko" series.

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