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Nestled in the picturesque town of Youngsville, North Carolina, our cattery is situated in a beautiful 3400 square foot house that serves as both our home and the perfect environment for our beloved fur babies.


Welcome to our cozy and inviting home, where every step is a joyous journey into the world of Ragdoll cats. As you step through the threshold, your eyes are immediately drawn to the circular staircase that serves as the centerpiece of our abode. It's not just the architecture that catches your attention - it's the furry faces that greet you eagerly from the foot of the stairs.  We invite you to join us on this journey and experience the joy and love that our Ragdoll family brings to our lives every day.


As you make your way through our home, you'll find yourself drawn to the cozy and welcoming study, where we spend countless hours immersed in our work. But we're never truly alone in this room - our Ragdoll cats are always by our side, whether they're curled up on our laps or snoozing contentedly in the trees that surround us. With their soothing presence and gentle purring, our furry friends bring a sense of calm and tranquility to our workspace, making even the busiest of days feel like a peaceful retreat. 


As you step forward into our inviting living room, you're immediately greeted by the sight of our furry companions frolicking and playing amidst a world of fun and excitement. Towering above them all is a majestic and towering cat tree, offering our Ragdoll cats endless opportunities to explore and play. And if that's not enough, a fancy cat wheel stands at the ready, offering a thrilling ride for even the most energetic and adventurous felines. It's a veritable playground for our beloved pets, a place where they can let loose, stretch their legs, and unleash their boundless energy in a safe and welcoming environment. 

As the sun sets and the night settles in, there's nothing quite like cuddling up with our beloved Ragdoll cats in our cozy living room. With the soft glow of the TV illuminating our space, we sink into the comfortable cushions of our sofa, with our furry friends nestled close by our sides. As we stroke their silky fur and feel their gentle purring, we can't help but feel a sense of contentment and peace wash over us. It's a moment of pure joy and relaxation, a time when the world fades away and nothing else matters but the love and warmth of our Ragdoll family. 


As a proud member of TICA and an ethical hobby breeder, we feel a deep sense of joy and satisfaction knowing that we're contributing to the health and well-being of the Ragdoll breed. For us, breeding these amazing cats is not just a hobby - it's a passion, a calling that drives us to be the very best that we can be. We take great pride in our work, always striving to improve and enhance the beauty, health, and temperament of our beloved pets.It's a feeling of immense pride and accomplishment, one that we cherish and hold close to our hearts. 

As you venture forward through our cozy home, you'll come across our majestic Kings' room, where two regal and handsome Ragdoll kings reign supreme. With their luxurious coats and dignified personalities, they're the heart and soul of our modern family. While we cherish their presence, we also look forward to welcoming future generations of kings and queens into our loving home.


In our Kings' room, we've created a truly regal experience for our beloved Ragdoll kings. Each one has their own private space, complete with customized automation equipment designed specifically for their needs. From the high-tech litter box that automatically cleans itself to the luxurious cat bed that provides the perfect blend of comfort and support, every detail has been carefully thought out and crafted with love. And with the latest in smart home technology at our fingertips, we can monitor their every move, ensuring that they're always happy, healthy, and content. 

Stepping out of the regal King's room, we enter the charming and delightful kitten room, a space that brims with playful energy and adorable furry faces.


As we all know, every little kitty needs a space of its own to grow and learn. For our beloved Ragdoll kittens, we have created a cozy and safe haven that we fondly refer to as the "kitten room." Here, they can explore, play, and learn in a nurturing and protected environment, surrounded by the warmth and love of our family. The clear fence surrounding the room not only provides them with a sense of security, but also allows us to keep a watchful eye on their every move as they develop their unique personalities and characteristics. And when the time comes for them to join our larger family, they will be well-equipped and fully prepared to take on the world with all the love and support they need.

As we make a turn to the left, we find ourselves back at the welcoming entrance of our cozy abode, greeted once again by the warm glow of natural light filtering through the windows and the familiar scent of home that fills the air.


As we ascend the stairs, our eyes are drawn to the small yet cozy cat tree nestled in the middle of the staircase. Every inch of our home is thoughtfully designed with our furry family members in mind, and this simple yet inviting addition is no exception. Even as we continue upwards, we can't help but feel a sense of warmth and comfort knowing that our beloved furrbabies have a space to call their own no matter where they roam.

Ascending to the upper level, a sanctuary awaits our expectant mama cats in the form of a well-equipped nursing room. With every possible amenity catered for, we have ensured their utmost comfort and wellbeing. As a calming melody drifts from the television, the purring mothers-to-be rest easy in the pristine space, where an oxygen maker, disinfection machine, and ICU machine stand at the ready in case of any emergency. We are unwavering commitment to securing the lives of our precious kittens and their mothers.


The safety and security of our cats is of utmost importance to us, which is why we've spared no expense in creating a private sanctuary for them with state-of-the-art security measures. Their exclusive room is equipped with cutting-edge technology that includes 24/7 real-time monitoring, ensuring that they are always under watchful eyes. With advanced access control systems and motion sensors, we provide an impenetrable fortress that gives meow the peace of mind they deserve.

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