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Rececho Level Determination

As a reputable cattery, we adhere to the TICA Ragdoll show rules when evaluating our kittens' levels. If a kitten incurs any penalties during the evaluation, they will be classified as a pet level. Once we've established their level, we take into account various factors such as body shape, coat quality and pattern, and facial features, including their overall sweetness, to determine their price. Our aim is to provide our customers with healthy, high-quality Ragdoll kittens that meet the rigorous standards set by TICA. To ensure we meet these standards, we refer to the TICA Ragdoll standard (as pictured) when assessing our kittens.

image (1).png

Bicolor Pattern : 

Show level A: Kittens that exhibit no obvious penalties, have outstanding advantages, and possess a fully symmetric wider V pattern.

Show level B: Kittens that have at least one penalty but not the WITHHOLD ALL AWARDS (WW) penalty, and may have a narrower V pattern compared to show level A.

Pet level A: Kittens that have at least one WW penalty, but still maintain a symmetric or relatively symmetric V pattern with beautiful pattern development. Kittens with white on their ears or tail are also classified as pet level.

Pet level B: Kittens that have at least one WW penalty and show an obvious asymmetrical V pattern, with pattern development that is either too high (exceeding the outside edge of the eye corner) or too narrow (exceeding the inner edge of the eye corner).