Our level determination is based on TICA Ragdoll show rules. If our kitten reaches any penalize, he/she will be pet level. After determining their level, their price will depend on their body, coat, pattern, and face sweetness. 

Pet level examples

Here's some pet level kittens from Redecho Ragdoll. They are either has white point on ear, white point on tail, white point on face, unsymmetric V pattern  or color beyond inside of edge of the eye.

With any other Panalize&WW will also be pet level in Redecho, luckly we haven't breed any of the left.  

show level examples

Here's some show level kittens from Redecho Ragdoll. They matches with TICA show level standers, bicolor will have full symmetric pattern, some of them might has 1-2 spots on their back leg/feets.

high show level examples

We will determind our high show level when we reach our breeding year of 5, that can gives us more experience and right to rate our kittens. 

They will matches with all TICA show level standers, without any allowances deductions and penalize. They will have very good profile with good bones, furrs and Redecho picked sweet faces.