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Pets Best & Trupanion are the two insurance company that we suggest. 

They both has very good coverage and very good communication skills. 

Price are vary for different locations.

Suggested selection are listed. If you are not sure what kind of deductible you should choose, we suggest choose the deductible price equals to twice your vet visit fee. 


We also got support from Trupanion with a one month free coverage & instant coverage.


Introduce kitten to your home

Before pick up your kitten, we suggested all of our cat owner to prepare a kitten room. 

If space is limited, private bedroom is ideal.

set up a kitten room

First choose a small, quiet room. 

Second clean as much as you can in the room, remove all the small items that they can swallow. 

Third put things are list below in the kitten room. 

  • Litter box and scoop (Litter pad are suggested but not required)

  • Cat bed/ Cat tree

  • Water fountain (fresh water in ceramic bowl is acceptable)

  • Dry food bowl and wet food bowl (ceramic bowl is suggested)

  • Toys

Here's an example of the kitten room.


After receiving your kitten

  1. First put him/her in prepared kitten room.

  2. Then let him/hercome out slowly (remember do not to pull him/her out directly).

  3. After he/she gets used to the environment, put him directly in the litter box so that he/she knows where the litter box is (which can be repeated several times), and then introduce him/her to the place for drink water and food.

  4. Keep an eye out at your kitten until he/she used the litter box (this is very important. The first time your kitten goes toilet must be in the litter box. We recommend you using the same litter that we use for first couple weeks. You can change the litter once the kitten gets familiar to the environment and know where to defecate. 

  5. After done all that, you can start enjoy the wonderful time with your new kitten! 

Cat supplies

We created a prepare list for our new owner. 

There's are recommended a variety of things, eat and drink, including bath supplies. All listed product are we use and provide to our kitten in our daliy life.

Click here to transfer to Prepare List page.

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