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Welcome to Red.Echo Ragdoll

We are a small, family-owned Ragdoll cattery and hobby breeder located in Youngsville, NC, serving the Raleigh area. Our passion is breeding the most beautiful, well-tempered Ragdoll cats. We take pride in providing our cats with a safe, loving, and spacious home environment that allows them to flourish and develop their unique personalities.

At Redecho Cattery, we are committed to breeding healthy cats with the genuine Ragdoll temperament. All our breeders undergo DNA testing for HCM and PKD to ensure that our cats are free from these genetic conditions. Our cats and kittens receive regular vet checkups and are raised with proper nutrition, exercise, and care to promote their overall health and well-being.

As a TICA and CFA registered cattery, we uphold the highest standards of breeding excellence. Our goal is to breed beautiful, playful kittens that will become beloved family members for years to come.

Registered Club


Redecho TICA certificate


Redecho TICA code of ethics


Rececho CFA certificate

Daily updates on Instagram: redecho_ragdoll

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