ragdoll Breed Apperance & color chart

Give you a basic idea about Ragdoll breed. Not sure what color & pattern you want? See photos of the ragdoll color&pattern that we worked with.

ragdoll ​level determination

Not sure what kind of ragdoll level you want? Check our level determination guide and examples here.



While you wait for your ragdoll, make sure you are ready for them. Here's are the products that we suggest and we use in daily life.


Breed Character

Learn more about what is Ragdoll's character & why we wants to keep them until 4 month old.


Breed Disease

Know the main genetic disease for Ragdolls



Discover what supplies you need for care your new ragdoll and learn the ragdoll care basics.

things to know before pike up your kitten

Infos & Tips for things before pick up your ragdoll kitten

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