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Name: Redecho J-Mochi

Sire: Hogragdoll's Rui of Redecho

Dam: Redecho Nezuko

Color:Seal bicolor

Sex: girl

Pattern mask: The inverted V Pattern mask on the face is slightly asymmetrical (right eye’s pattern is little bit over the eyes)
Feet: no spots
Legs:no spots
Tail: no spots
Back: no spots
Bones (Physique): Normal
Meatiness (fat and thin): Normal
Mouth: full
Chin: correct
nose: correct
Ears: small
Eyes: eye pigment 5 degrees
Hair: Silky hair+cotton hair mix, mainly silky hair

She's a very lively and gentle kitten who has an innate desire to bond with humans! This little sister is incredibly affectionate, and you'll know it the moment you pet her, as she responds with a gentle purr and cute meow. She adores playtime and cherishes spending time with her humans, always bringing a smile to your face with her playful antics. Overall, this little feline is incredibly content and brings a wonderful energy to your home. Get ready to fall in love with your new furry family member!

Health condition:

She has been diagnosed with condition called unilateral renal agenesis, which means she only has one kidney. However, this condition is compatible with a normal and healthy life, and no specific therapy is needed unless there is a significant decrease in renal function.

Because of her unique situation, our kitten will require regular check-ups with the vet every six months to ensure her kidney health remains stable. It's important to make sure she stays hydrated by providing her with plenty of fresh water every day.

If you believe you can provide the love and care she needs, we welcome your application to adopt her.


Ready to leave after the 1st week of May

Overall Rating: adoption level
Price: 2500

If you are interested in any, please go ahead send us an application to request. You can find our applicaion at :

It will be the 1st application on the website above

Learn more about what our kittens include at:

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